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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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now at 11:00. get your umbrella ready. our roof cam show dry conditions outside right now but an approaching storm will create slick roads for tomorrow's commute. good evening. >> let's get right to sandhya and live doppler 7hd with the timing of the rain. sandhya. >>reporter: yes. we are going to take a look at live doppler 7hd already tracking the storm that is headed in our direction. right now clouds here in the bay area. we have seen a few sprinkle in ukiah and santa rosa. the main rain is up to the north. it is falling right around the eureka a area and eventually will make its way down to our area. here's the time leanth. 5:00 a.m. looking at very spotty light showers in the north bay tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m. still in the north bay. could see them very scattered at 8:00
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a.m. along the coast lean and then you had a he had no then am. you see some light moderate rain with steady rain coming into the north bay at 9:00 a.m. you take a look at what to expect. wide spread rain for your afternoon evening commute snow wind in the sierra and another storm is coming this weekend with third storm that follows. i'll be back with a detailed look at all 3 storms and how they actually standing up on our storm impact scale coming right up. >> thanks very much. developing news. all lanes of interstate 80 east bay finally back open tonight after freeway shooting forced a partial closure during the height of the evening commute. sky 7 hd shows you the scene. shooting happened this afternoon open westbound interstate 80 near san pablo dam road in san pablo. >> alan jones us live with new information. alan? >>reporter: this is the third highway shooting near the same interstate 80 exit in two months. now witness say the victim made his way into this
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denny restaurant around 3:30 this afternoon and we have cell phone video of police trying to help him. he was shot in the bicep and bleeding in the lobby of the restaurant. denny employee says he was sweating and close to tears after the suv he was riding in got riddled with bullet by a passing car. another person in the victim's car ran from the scene. now the shooting victim was eventually transported to the hospital t.chp says the black suv was westbound on interstate 80 near the san pablo dam road exit when it happened. for about an hour all westbound liens near san pablo dam road on and off ramp were closed while the chp scoured the highway for evidence. all lanes were reopened by 7:00 p.m. right on the suspect vehicle. in november man was shot and wounded while driving down the éaf+utti later another man wast
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shot and killed. his female passenger was wounded. so a lot of similarities here but the chp says it hasñb no evidee to connect these 3 shootings. reporting live in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. south bay there's a fight over santa which now has some airports threatening to pull their kindergartner out of school tomorrow and walk out in protest. >> new at 11:00. lisa is live at farn elementary school where school board meeting just ended this evening. lisa. >>reporter: more than 50 parent showed up at tonight school board meeting to sound off. they wanted the board to reverse a decision to cancel a long standing tradition at this school. to do to neighborhood cafe, sip some cocoa and see santa. >> i'm here to ask you to reen state the field trip. >>reporter: parents leaned up to plead their case to bring back annual trip to big e coffee by 70 kindergartner.
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they write letters drink hot chocolate and see santa. trip cancelled by the principal after this mother who is jewish found the trip to be inappropriate and noten conclusive. >> the message to my daughter $att you are not a partd you are not as begest part of our community as everybody else e-the sudden cancellation caused temper to flare at school this morning. we were there as a couple parent got into it. >> yes my class. >>reporter: this parent did not want to be identified because she's afraid of retaliation. she's also jewis jewish. >> i do think that california public school and public school should not be doing trips to santa aeshtion but at tonight meeting everyone wanted the trip to be back on and insisted not about religion but rather american tradition. >>: this is just sorry. like what are we going to remove santa from tv from the radio from the store. >> the board can not e-in the
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end the board couldn't rescind the decision because it was not on the agenda. parent and kids plan to walk to big e tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. >>aouu>2j0úm% tonight fremont mr arrest accused of trying toc help a foreigncz terror group. % federal agents arrestedoú adam chaffe afterñt he was prosecute engine to board/x a plane at sf to2& joan subsidiaryd of al qaa fremont neighborhood livea: 22-year-old man now accu of trying to join a terro,táu organization in the middlele e < east. know all of these'q kids in the neighborhood=w >>reporter: federal grand jury the undatedáç my space photo ze) attemptingpc to join the2ú terr!
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disapp%p@ed during a family affidaf/ñ t÷ says adam sent a ticket message-= to relative ovñ that said had he gone to protect muslims t.chaffe went to istanbul, turkey then returned home to the bay year. the fbi started listening to his phone conversations in june of this year. with investigators saying he wanted to fight with extremist. how can>8 i meet allah when my faith late june chaffe booked one way ticket from sfo to istanbul. another suspicious move. fellow passenger even refused to board with him telling security adam appeared nervous and his leg was shaiinging. the trip thwarted not only by observant passenger but by his own family who neighbors describe as quiet. >> we see them coming and going but nothing else. >>reporter: chaffe is in custody following july 3rd arrest. with bail hearing scheduled for next week. if
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convicted he could face 20 katie, abc 7 news. in new statement tonight adam's attorney said he is innocent. there is no evidence that he was planning to do u anything but fly to istanbul. there are stunning new allegations tonight involve the gunman in the san bernardino shooting rampage. fbike says te farook and childhood&/ friend hatchedax a plan 4 years ago to shoot people at riverside community college and then bomb and shoot at cars on the freeway during rush hour. those plots were never cared out. well today authorities arrested the childhood friend and marquez. they say he bought 2 of the assault weapons used in the deadly attack in southern california. body of 2 children found in a storage lockner redding over the weekend have now been identified and their aunt is charged with their murders. 3-year-old delilah and 6 year shawn are believed to have been killed the day after thanksgiving in salinas.
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authorities say their aunt 39-year-old tammy hunts man and 17-year-old boyfriend gonzalez are responsible. 2 recently relocated from salinas to redding. the suspect are also accused of torturing another niece. 9-year-old girl who is now in the care of c p s. acting on a tip salinas police visited her home twice in the last 6 months to investigate suspected child abuse but found nothing. ucsf voluntarily suspended donor program for kidney transplant after donor died last month. the cause of the still under investigation. the medical center says it is trying to quote understand what happened. ucsf kidney transplant program one of the busiest on the west coast performing more than 350 procedures a year. new lawsuit was filed today against ucsf accusing the university of making an illegal agreement with golden state warriors. mission bay aliens accused them of illegally
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giving away state property for the warriors new mission bay arena. they are worried building major sports venue adjacent to the ucsf children hospital campus could cause major traffic problems for patient's who need help. jennifer wade is the mother of child with a serious heart condition. she's also a plaintiff. >> a lot of people maybe chirp not born yet are going to need emergency access to this hospital. it's something that you don't necessarily anticipate before you actually are in a situation where you need to get to ucsf. >> ucsf hasn't received the lawsuit yet so has no comment tonight still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. "star wars"interrupted. scare forcing movie goers to force out during the big premier. >> plus the first review from "star wars"fan who saw this highly anticipated film. >> how to sell brit a warriors we know. well if you are curry you grab a burger with begest name in music.
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>> here's what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks. i was up all night preparing fit's show just for you. wait you are in new york. you are to be here with us tonight and just a couple of minutes. i'm sending my body minutes. i'm sending my body double for your show. nobody
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popular movie theater in los angeles was evacuated tonight right in the middle of the new "star wars", movie. the fire alarm at the grove went off about 30 minutes into one of at least 10 showing of "star wars", force awaken. there wasn't a fire somebody pulled the fire alarm. it's the sec time that's happened at
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the theatre this week. after a lot of confusion fans were let back in to finish watching the film. >> here in the bay area fans lining up to see the force awaken. >> they are indeed and to say the movie is highly anticipated probably a major under statement katie is live at the theatre in san francisco where the first showing just got out. hi katie. >>reporter: hi. i can not count how many times i heard the word amazing tonight. people who were lucky enough to get into the early show tell me they loved this movie of course that is just adding to the anticipation of all the people waiting in this long line for8= the next show. >> it was amazing. >>reporter: first fans extreme out of the theater in san francisco with rave review. >> chills throughout the entire movie. it was amazing. >> very big twist and you have to see it to believe it. >> epic night for movie goers and for the owner of the new mission theatermó andal month
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draft house. he's the one dressed as the princess? a she'sc%uu1o? favorite is r 2o d 2 but took too long to make the costume. >>reporter: the force was with him. >> we are opening on opening day for the biggest movie of all time for "star wars". >>reporter: local happen to break it in. >> all coming together. cool time to be a nerd. >>reporter: the bottom line on opening night is did the movie live up to the hype? >> it was phone. exciting. it was action packed. >> it was slept. everything i expected and more. scchl j did a grit job too. i was surprised. store was excellen excellent. >> it was relevant amazing. any one out there who is doubting scchl j, go see it. please. >> great to see character i grew up when i was 10 to 12 yourself old and seeing them all back on screen again was just great. >> there was this new character her name was ray. she was
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awesome. >> it left me speechless. loved it. i'm going again e-despite what you might think you can still see "star wars"tonight or should i say tomorrow morning. the movie plays here through 2:00 a.m. and there are tickets still available for those early morning shows and that is the case for theaters across the bay year. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> catholic church a movie later e.let's go sound fun. thanks. facebook ceo zuckerberg if spirit with new daughter max. he posted the photo on facebook with the caption the force is strong with this one. >> look lucky she has the force there. it's produced by luke as film owned by abc parent company disney. which we like to remind you. i would love to catch that. >> i know. >> especially sense it's raining in a little while. >> that's right. sandhya has the rain and when it heather our year. >>reporter: yes it will start
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tomorrow. as we look at live doppler 7td hd amoeba good time to check out a movie tomorrow afternoon or evening. we track clouds. we have seen some very light sprinkleíe around santa rosa, ukiah year. visibility dropped to just over a mool. it is foggy so be careful for the morning commute. here's a look at the temperatures it feels a lot better outside. most years in the 40's and 50's so not quite as chilly. few upper 30's apartment i don't care livermore here's the reason for it's not as chilly tomorrow morning. cloud cover increasing from our camera. spotty showers in the morning. steady rain arrives friday afternoon evening and more wet weather in the forecast for your sunday afternoon going forward. all right so let's take a look at the rain chance and next 3 storms. we have 3 storms over the next 7 days. fears one is tomorrow. it's a one on our storm impact scale. second one is sunday. also a
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one. third one christmas eve is a 2 on the storm impact scale because we are expecting it to get windy with that one. so tomorrow system is light storm on the scale. expecting moderate wren for friday afternoon. showers early saturday over one inch with the first system. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you will notice few light showers in the north bay. 8:00 a.m. just about anybody could see a pop up shower very light. 11:00 a.m. it starts to pick up in intensity in the north bay you see moderate to rain shifting into the central portion of the bay early afternoon. you will notice as we take you hour by hour the evening commute is definitely going to be on the sloppy side as we are looking at most years with the wet weather. 7:00 p.m. t.heading out on the town. make sure you have your umbrella. still çó moderate rain scattered k into the wee houf saturday morning thenzj all wins down by 7:00 a.m. just few
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lingering showers 10:00 o'clock pretty much done. so here's what we canhxbexpect. reap fall total shifted very also in the south bay. 15 hundredths inch expected in santa rosa÷x. much more than we had earlier in santa rosa. almost san jose $1,500 in between this is our fears snow an will bring it in the area here and a half foot to foot of new foot. carry chains expect major delay. tahoe under winter weather tomorrowly. total adding up over a foot and a half. tomorrow morning not quite as khol. upper 30's to low 50's. make sure you have your rain gear with you tomorrow afternoon you will certainly be needing it. low 50's to low 60's. it is going to be a sloppy evening rush hour. action weather one on storm impact scale. saturday you get
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a break. most of the afternoon evenings sunday afternoon second storm also a one. scattered showers monday chance of showers tuesday going in wednesday which is our brick then on thursday wet and point that storm a two a little bit stronger and wetter. >> all right thanks
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even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click >> everywhere warriors mvp curry goes he gets the star both tag along. it was shot and twoted by( conley. >>w you can hear from fellow deaners. he was at wednesday game and sacramento contention game. . >> they have to eat like everybody else. on to sports.
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>> larry is here. whatever he order i want that. will it help me in any way. who is watching eiley. >> new little baby. >> good question. unanswered. this we knowment a lot of people would love to getó÷u5 let this wayyó. run awaywm freight train invz court side latest8 on train invz court side latest8 on the fan he wipeduó out
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good evening. warriors have a score to celts. milwaukee bucks. snapped winning streak last saturday and in the pen of the warriors thebuck disyapping. now time for pay back. head coach kurr still on leave but feeling better. more active in prosecute. back in his bold days he saw fears hand how jordan would take any perceived slight and turn it into pure rage. so look at the now rested warriors to pull verizon the buck tomorrow night. >> no just felt disrespected a little bit. that's fine. i have no prison with them sell brit ago win. just couple things i felt they.i look real cocky about. which is fine. happy to break a big streak like that too but it's
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basketball it's no beg deal. >> the bucks tweeted out a picture of the team today visiting alcatrazment they figure to get lock up for real by clay thompson and green tomorrow night. still having fun playing tour. cavs and thunder look out. here comes ct row and weeps out the wife of golfer jason day. she's spending the night in the hospital for observation. hopefully she will be okay. kevin durrant dr. jay flash become on the base lean here. he had 25 points. cavs go on a run. late second quarter pride of st. mary's. strike to lebronment king throwing it did you know with 33 points. 10 assist. the oop to thompson and the cavs we know 104-100. shark continue the 5 game road trip north of the border in toronto playing the maple leaves and san jose with only 3 shots in the first period against montreal on tuesday. 21 tonight and pays off with two goals. joe and patrick both power play goals. and
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goalie was yank replace by jonat8toz. toronto answers james from behind the net. almost em possible angle. off jones. chris and pass to matt. to over time>?[j where joe thornton finds burns for a little wrist that's the gym winner. good night game over drive home safely. sharks won 2 straight 5-4 the finalment thursday tonight football ram what may be the time game if saint louis thinking about l.a. . ram and buck interdon't adjust the television set. kids were learning yellow and red today. blur in any color. 14-17. 2 touch downs. awesome score way toes. he's so fast. on the reverse there. 21 yard yards. ram we know 31-23 and the fans chanting keepv÷ the ram to the very end. see how it plays out. 7 sports brought to you by x fenty. >> ditch the uniform.


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